-Frequently Asked Questions- 

UPDATED 8/15/23 - 12:00PM

Hello - 

We would like to invite you and your child to CTK CYO basketball.   We are excited to get the kids back on the courts this season!   Here is some key information for you as you determine if you would like to register your child to play.  

Please see below some frequently asked questions:

Where can I get information about CTK CYO?

We follow and abide by the Oakland Diocese bylaws. Please check the Oakland Diocese website for more information - https://oakdiocese.org/cyo-basketball

How do I qualify to play for CTK CYO?

There are 3 ways to qualify to play at CTK and you must meet one:

  1. Be a CTK student
  2. Be registered and actively participating in the RE program at CTK
  3. Live within the parish boundaries of St. Stephens or CTK as defined here: 


What is the timing for the winter season?

Evaluations and team formation will take place in September. Practices will begin in October. The CYO season is slated to start in early November and go through mid February (a few extra weeks for teams in the playoffs).  Games are played on the weekends.  

What is the weekly schedule like for players? 

Typically teams will practice on one or two weeknights.  Practices may be inside or outside at CTK or other gyms in the local area.  Games will be played on weekends. Communication on practices should go directly to your coach once teams are formed.  

Player Evaluations:

  1. There is a two week time period for evaluations beginning mid September. 
  2. Each player must attend 1 of the 2 evaluations scheduled.  There may be additional evaluation dates set up if needed.  3rd grade girls only have one day based on the number of players. 
  3. If a player chooses to not attend or does not attend an evaluation they will be placed on a national team
  4. Girls will use 28.5 size balls for all grades.  Boys 3rd - 5th will use 28.5 and 6th - 8th will use 29.5.  

What do American and National divisions mean?

CYO has two divisions- American and National. American is the more advanced/competitive of the two. Both divisions are competitive and provide the opportunity for team and individual success.  Teams will be formed after the evaluations based on a number of factors and criteria.  

Ideally teams will have 8-10 players. If there are more than 10 players, that typically results in less playing time. When we have more than 10 or 11 players, our goal is to add enough players to have two teams.  If there are only enough players for one team in an age group, that will be the team. 

If there are enough players to form two teams, the goal would be to form one American team and a National team(s). The American team will be composed of the top players ( based on our criteria) at the grade level. If there are two National teams, we try to be as balanced as possible. Friend requests or past playing history are not determining factors for team formation. 

In some situations, players from different grades may be combined to complete teams.  In this case, a player may be asked to play a grade level up.  

The CTK CYO leadership team will have the final decision on all teams formed after gathering all of the input from the evaluation process.  

How will refunds be handled?

At this time, no refunds will be issued unless the season is canceled for any reason by the diocese. Uniform refunds will NOT be given if there is cancellation of the season prior to games.   


All players participating this year need to wear the newly designed uniforms. If you have the new design and it still fits, you are all set. If your child does not have a new uniform or needs a new size, you'll need to purchase a newly designed jersey and shorts to participate this season. The cost is $50 for the jersey and $50 for the shorts. No refunds or exchanges in sizes. All sales final. For any questions regarding uniforms, please email Ctkcyouniforms@gmail.com

CTK basketball Spirit Wear website will be available soon.  The items will be distributed in October. 


Each family participating in CTK CYO is asked to volunteer in some capacity to help the program in a variety of ways to help provide the best program for the children.  A family can choose not to volunteer and will be charged a $200 fee.  If a family does not complete the volunteer requirement your credit card on file will be charged at the conclusion of the season or you can choose to pay the fee up front within the registration form.

How do I become a Coach and what are the requirements?

If interested in coaching, we ask that you register online here:  https://www.cyoctkph.org/coach-interest23/

Requirements through the Oakland Diocese to coach include the following:

-Livescan Fingerprinting (See here for locations:  https://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/locations?county=Contra%20Costa)

Request for Live Scan Service

-Must bring Oakland Diocese form so information is sent to the correct institution.

-VIRTUS Online training within the last 3 years.  Login and Register here:  https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/index.cfm?

-New Coaches Workshop for all new coaches.  This must be attended for all new coaches.  Date, Time, and Location TBD


  1. Each registered family should have received an email from teamsnap.  
  2. Please go to our website for information - https://www.cyoctkph.org/
  3. Please check our social media channels for updates as well.  

Please see FAQ below and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at cyo@ctkph.org.

God Bless  

CTK CYO Leadership Team